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The Future of Taste

2014 Schedule + Tickets


6-9 PM | Mother of Pearl

Oysters and Champagne are the perfect way to celebrate the start of the weekend. Enjoy Island Creek Oysters and Champagne pairing cocktail hour followed by a delectable multi-course sit-down with wine pairings dinner at Kinmont.

Chefs: Duncan Biddulph- Kinmont, Jason Vincent, Abraham Conlon- Fat Rice, Zeeshan Shah- Bombay Breakdown, Yoshi Yamada- Bombay Breakdown, Sarah Mispagel- Nightwood, Alfredo Nogueira- Analogue Chicago

Location: Kinmont, 419 W Superior St


11AM | The Greener Path: Food and Drink for a Plant Based Diet

Join One Part Plant's Jessica Murnane as she discusses the brave new world of veggie-forward dining with Amanda Cohen from New York's Dirt Candy, Anne Owen from Owen + Alchemy and more.

Panelists: Amanda Cohen, Dirt Candy; Anne Owen, Owen + Alchemy; Jessica Murnane, One Part Plant; Chris Pappas, The Winchester, Heather Crosby, Yum Universe

Location: Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Stage at Open Secret Studios (Upper Level) 

11AM | Renegade: Reinventing the Underground Dining Experience

Chicago is home to plenty of chefs who got started off of the grid. Join this panel as they discuss underground restaurants with some of the city's most successful chefs.

Moderator: Ji Suk Yi, Windy City Live

Panelists: Sam McDermott, Buttermilk Bento; Philip Foss, El Ideas; Jake Bickelhaupt, 42 Grams; Danny Espinoza, Dinner Lab 

Location: Kaiser Tiger

12PM | Learn from the Masters: Food Photography & Storytelling Techniques

Huge Galdones, Johanna Lowe and Ellen Malloy will show you the tips and tricks that will help tell a better story through taste.

Panelists: Huge Galdones, Johanna Lowe and Ellen Malloy

Location: Squarespace Stage at Open Secret Studios (Lower Level)

12PM | Free-Styling with Ice Cream Desserts

Put the pint down: Jeni Britton Bauer, Dana Cree and Jessie Oloroso show you some wild ways to take your desserts to the next level.

Moderator: Tim Mazurek, Lottie + Doof

Panelists: Jeni Britton Bauer, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams; Dana Cree, Pastry Chef at Blackbird; Jessie Oloroso, Black Dog Gelato

Location: Soho House

1PM | The Art of Salted & Dried Charcuterie

Salted and dried charcuterie has become a mainstay on every Chicago menu.  This panel quizzes chefs about their techniques and the best way to pair their special meat.

Panelist: Missy Corey, PQM; Chris Marchino, Spiaggia; Greg Laketek, West Loop Salumi

Moderator: Amanda Puck, Mariano's

Location: Kaiser Tiger

1PM | The Evolution of The Farm Dinner in City Dining

Join Chicago chefs and farmers Paul Kahan, Marc Vetri, Dave Cleverdon and Michel Nischan to discuss all the latest in the farm to table dining movement.

Panelists: Dave Cleverdon, Kinnikinnick Farm; Paul Kahan, Michael Nischan and Marc Vetri

Moderator: Terra Brockman, The Land Connection

Location: Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Stage at Open Secret Studios (Upper Level) 


2PM | Fireside Chat with Rick Bayless

Join Rick Bayless for a one on one conversation about his passions and successes.

Panelists: Rick Bayless, Chef of Frontera Grill, Topolobampo, Xoco and Tortas Frontera

Moderator: Chandra Ram, Plate Magazine

Location: Soho House

2PM | Keep It Canada Screening presented by Munchies

Keep it Canada is the newest original series for VICE's food channel: Munchies. Starring Chef Matty Matheson, the show takes viewers to amazing food destinations in the Great North to meet with chefs, foragers, and other food industry stars.  

In the first episode of Keep it Canada, we hit Calgary during the Stampede (Canada's biggest rodeo exhibition) to get Matty outfitted like a cowboy. He rides a mechanical bull, eats all the junk food he possibly can at the carnival, then leaves town to ride horses through the mountains. We also eat some amazing food with the team at Charcut, see some wild rams, and throw a huge cookout where Matty makes bison, Frito pie.

Location: Squarespace Stage at Open Secret Studios (Lower Level)



3PM I How We Eat Meat And What's Next in Carnivorism

From independent butchers to the chefs that make a great steak, we speak with the people who procure and prepare your beef about the way the meat industry is changing.

Panelists: John Jackson, Charcut; Connie De Sousa, David Flom, Chicago Cut; Cosmo Goss, The Publican; Michael Mason, David Burke's Primehouse

Location: Kaiser Tiger

3PM | Ten Years Later- Building Restaurants That Last

Join Wailin Wong, editor of The Distance, as she speaks with the owners and chefs behind the restaurants that still push the limits, even after a decade of success.

Moderator: Wailin Wong, The Distance

Panelists: Donnie Madia, One Off Hospitality; Jason Hammel, Lula;  Michael Nahabedian, Naha; Paul Virant, Vie, Vistro & Perennial Virant 

Location: Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Stage at Open Secret Studios (Upper Level) 


4PM | Small Distillers + Great Barkeeps

The Midwest has become home to independent distillers of all kinds. Join a discussion with distillers Rhine Hall, Letherbee and Chicago Distillers and then enjoy sampling cocktails made by their favorite barkeeps in town.

Location: Squarespace Stage at Open Secret Studios (Lower Level)

4PM | Learn from the Masters: How to Entertain

Masters of food, music, drink, design and hospitality come together to share what it takes to entertain for a night.

Panelists: Charles Joly, The Aviary; Elana Green, Land and Sea Dept.; Andrew Zimmerman, Sepia; Rachel Crowl, fcStudio and Matthias Merges

Moderator: Arlene Stein, Terroir Symposium

Location: Soho House


5PM | In Cider Spirit

Cider has taken the US by storm and no one knows better than moderator Kate Bernot. She will lead a conversation about how cider is made and why cider is suddenly so popular.

Panelists: Greg Hall, Virtue Cider; Katie Morgan, Right Bee; Brian Rutzen, Northman; Richard Bertsche, Prima Cider

Moderator: Kate Bernot, Red Eye Chicago

Location: Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Stage at Open Secret Studios (Upper Level) 

5PM | The Wildest Brews In Town

Join Michael Kiser, editor of Good Beer Hunting as he leads a panel with some of the local brewers behind the more progressive things happening in fermented beverages. Spend the rest of your time tasting some of these creative and unexpected brews.

Moderator: Michael Kiser, Good Beer Hunting 

Panelists: John Laffler- Off Color, Eric Olson- Marz Brewing, Tim Faith- Goose Island

Location: Kaiser Tiger

7PM + 8:30PM | Dining with Dinner Lab & Taste Talks

Dinner Lab teams up with Taste Talks to throw an unforgettable dining experience after a full day of informative, entertaining panels and demos. Diners will be alerted of the venue 24 hours before - expect an unconventional restaurant location - and chef Pat Sheerin will delight with a delicious 5-course meal. Seatings are at 7pm and 8:30pm.

Location: Dinner Lab



1-4PM + 5-8PM | All-Star Chef BBQ

Celebrate a day of discovery and indulgence at Taste Talk's All-Star BBQ, a sampling feast that brings together world-renowned chefs making signature dishes at the beautiful Palmer Square. Expect to mix & mingle with Matty Matheson, Paul Kahan, Amanda Cohen, Rick Bayless and many more cult-status chefs at 12 different grilling stations, while dining on their brilliant, delicious BBQ creations.

Location: Palmer Square