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Brooklyn, NY
United States

The Future of Taste

Cook It Raw Brooklyn


Taste Talks is proud to host Cook It Raw Brooklyn at Taste Talks, a collaboration in food hosted by Cook It Raw. We've invited chefs from across North America including Alessandro Porcelli (Cook it Raw),  Roberto Solis (Nectar Restaurant; Merida, Mexico), Scott Vivian (Beast Restaurant; Toronto, Canada),  David Santos (Louro, NYC), Connie DeSousa & John Jackson (Charcut Roast House, Calgary) and Anthony Lombardo (1789, Washington DC) to curate a community dinner at the newly opened Fitzcarraldo in Bushwick's 3rd Ward. Guided by our founding principal— collaboration—these chefs will work together to prepare an impromptu, outdoor meal using locally sourced ingredients and as little electricity as possible, all in matter of six hours.

Sunday September 15th, from 7pm-12am , Fitzcarraldo at 3rd Ward

Cook It Raw Brooklyn is available only with the Taste Talks Premium Pass; the Premium Pass will get you into every panel, the Pancake Breakfast , the All-Star Cookout (with Beer & Wine Pairing), and, of course, dinner at Cook It Raw Brooklyn.