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Break Bread with La Brea Bakery in NYC!

Roma Moradian

Photo by Matthew Petit

Photo by Matthew Petit

Carb counting be damned! We all know that bread (in one form or another) is the base of any great meal. In fact, a recent La Brea Bakery survey found that three in four foodies say a good meal always includes the stuff—and we agree! To show you just how tasty and versatile  bread can be, Los Angeles-based bread icon La Brea Bakery is  taking its artisan craft on the road with the Breaking Bread Tour.

All summer long, the Breaking Bread Tour food truck has been sampling fresh-baked treats at community events and grocery stores across the country, from Los Angeles to Boston. Look for the truck in NYC September 10-13. You can follow its progress at the Breaking Bread Tour hub.


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The truck will be dishing out fresh bite-size creations featuring ingredients from artisan partners like Stonewall Kitchen, Cabot Cheese and Justin’s nut butters. Salami, Sriracha Aioli, and Seriously Sharp Cheddar Cheese on Rosemary Olive Oil bread, anyone?

And if free, oven-fresh nibbles aren’t enough for you, the La Brea Bakery team will also be handing out coupons and special offers, that can be redeemed at grocery stores all over NYC.

You really can taste the difference that comes with using pure, high-end ingredients, and La Brea Bakery stands behind that level of quality. And they’ve got a little something for everyone, with more than 200 varieties of breads ranging from herb-infused loafs to focaccia, flatbreads, sandwich rolls and of course baguettes.

So slow down and take some time to break bread with friends and savor the little things in life. Like La Brea Bakery’s top-notch artisanal bread.

Find the latest info (including Tour stops) here