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Brooklyn, NY
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The Future of Taste


Talking Beer with Brooklyn Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Mike Conklin

Sarah Zorn

When you’ve gone from a relatively chill existence of writing solely about music, to eventually overseeing all editorial content for a steadily expanding media company, frankly, it’s enough to make anyone seek solace at the bottom of a bottle. So it’s no wonder that the L and Brooklynmagazines Editor-in-Chief Mike Conklin has increasingly become an expert in all things beer, frequently penning breaking, brew-centric stories for the L and Brooklyn, and occasionally even escaping from the Downtown Brooklyn offices, in order to expound on noteworthy New York IPAs on Heritage Radio. That’s why Conklin was invariably tapped (ha!) to sit down with Other Half Brewing’s Sam Richardson during Taste Talks, to chat about the brewery’s brief history, its plans for the future, and the hype that’s surrounded them since day one. But first, we just had to turn the tables on Conklin, to talk about what’s in his own personal beer collection, how even the uninitiated can fumble their way through a tasting, and why the current state of craft beer is eerily akin to the indie rock movement of the 90s.

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Taste Talks Food & Drink returns to Brooklyn September 12-14, 2014. See the full schedule and buy tickets here.