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The Future of Taste


The Art of Salted & Dried Charcuterie

Sarah Zorn



Since charcuterie has become a mainstay on most Chicago menus, we’ve assembled a panel of experts, to share their techniques for making (and ideas on pairing) their special, artisanal meats. But before you join Missy Corey of PQM, Chris Marchino from Spiaggia, and Greg Laketek of West Loop Salumi for “The Art of Salted & Dried Charcuterie,” learn to tell your galantines from terrines with this indispensable guide!


A preparation of boned meat or whole poultry that is stuffed or rolled, cooked, then glazed with gelatin and served cold.


Seasoned ground meat, fish or vegetable preparations with a paste consistency. Pâtés are made in various spreadable textures and are served hot or cold as an hors d’oeuvre or a first course.


Traditionally refers to pâté baked in long, loaf-shaped earthenware dishes, and named after the French word terre, meaning “earth.”


An airy mixture usually containing eggs and cream, that can be sweet or savory (using meat, fish, and/or vegetables). It is much lighter and spongier in texture than a pâté.


Poitrine is a breast of meat or poultry, but when the word is modified, it refers to bacon. Poitrine demi-sel is an unsmoked slab bacon; poitrine fumée is smoked slab bacon; poitrine roulée is rolled bacon. 


A highly spiced spread of meat or poultry (commonly pork, goose, duck, fish or rabbit), first cooked in seasoned fat and then minced or pounded into a paste. After the rillettes are made, they are commonly placed in a ramekin and sealed with a thin layer of fat.


A large air-dried sausage, such as salami. Variations include saucisson à l’ail, garlic sausage; saucisson d’Arles, a dried salami-style sausage of pork, beef and seasonings; saucisson de campagne, any country-style sausage; saucisson de Lyon, air-dried pork sausage; saucisson de Morteau, plump smoked pork sausage; and saucisson en croûte, sausage cooked in a pastry crust.

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