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Brooklyn, NY
United States

The Future of Taste


Join Andy Ricker, Jordana Rothman, ” the Franks,” and Gabe Stulman In a Discussion About Whether or Not Brooklyn Is the Next Manhattan In the Food World

Sarah Zorn

No one needs to tell us that Brooklyn has always had a truly notable, totally unique, and incomparably diverse dining scene, but after years of playing second fiddle to Manhattan, interest in borough-wide eats has exponentially increased, to a point where “Brooklyn” is essentially a worldwide brand (hence the perhaps apocryphally popular Parisian expression, Très Brooklyn).

So what, precisely, comes next, now that pioneering restaurateurs who helped shape neighborhoods are now faced being forced out by rising rents? As Brooklyn restaurants change and mature, do Manhattan restaurants change too, and is one borough leading the way stylistically? Is there a way to encourage meaningful, organic restaurant growth in a neighborhood without irreparably jacking up the barrier to entry? And have we finally reached a saturation point in Brooklyn???

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