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The Future of Taste


Daniel Krieger Shares 5 Quick Tips for the Best Food Photography

Sarah Zorn

Although the incomparable Daniel Krieger (Eater, The New York Times) takes photos of food for a living, pseudo-pornographic food shots are no longer the exclusive purview of magazines, cookbooks and websites. Scroll through just about anyone’s Facebook page, and you’ll be treated to a course-by-course pictorial recap of their dinner out with the girls, discover their grade school swimming instructors preferred brand of breakfast cereal, and explore the contents of the make-your-own Bloody Mary bar at their favorite local brunch spot, broadcasted in high definition. And then there’s Instagram, which essentially exists as an up-to-the-minute portfolio of heirloom tomatoes, snapped on high from the farmers market, and The Burger You Ate That One Time. 

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