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The Future of Taste


Chatting with Kelsey Kreiling, Producer of Taste Talks Chicago

Sarah Zorn

Goodness knows we’re bursting with ideas when it comes to possible content for all-food festivals such as Taste Talks, which is why we’re glad we’re not responsible for whittling all those ideas down. Not to mention coordinating and wrangling all of the talent. And oh yeah, actually pulling off the entire event. In Chicago. Which is why we’ve got to give it up to Kelsey Kreiling and her partner Mallory Ulaszek, taxed with keeping all of the various balls up in the air for the very first installment of Taste Talks Chicago. We chatted with Kelsey about how the event will be uniquely representative of the Windy City’s dining scene, the most exciting and difficult aspects of organizing such an ambitious festival, and why she’s still more than willing to commit just as much time to her day job. 

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Taste Talks Food & Drink hits Chicago October 3-5, 2014. See the full schedule and buy tickets here.