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Blackbird's Dana Cree Takes Ice Cream to the Next Level

Sarah Zorn

While we still get a bit of a childhood thrill whenever we hear the gleeful jingle of the Good Humor truck, let’s face it—not all ice cream is created equal. And if we’re going to blow an entire days allotment of fat and calories, we’d much prefer spend it on treats that are a cut above. That’s why we turned to talented pastry chef Dana Cree, from the acclaimed Chicago eatery, Blackbird, known for her beyond-the-churner approach to frozen sweets. “We make an ice cream base, pour it into sous vide bags, and boil it for two hours to caramelize the milk. It’s kinda like making dulce de leche,” Cree says. “If we use cows milk we call it Kulfi, like the Indian caramelized popsicle. And if we use goat’s milk we call it Cajeta, like the goats milk caramel from Latin America. It’s really, really delicious.” 

Don’t have a fancy immersion circulator at your disposal? Cree was kind enough to share three recipes with us, for totally DIY (but still thoroughly impressive) ice creams, which you’ll absolutely have to try before the summer ends. And if you’re game for an in-person demo, be sure to join Cree for Free-Styling with Ice Cream Desserts during Taste Talks Chicago, where she and other like-minded chefs will show you some wild ways to take your sweets to the next level!

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Taste Talks Food & Drink hits Chicago October 3-5, 2014. See the full schedule and buy tickets here.