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Join Taste Talks & Traif for a Special Yom Kippur Dinner!

Northside Media Group

Join Taste Talks and Traif on Saturday, September 14 at 6pm for a special Yom Kippur dinner.  In chef Joseph's own words, "the dishes are reflective of some of the ingredients that I've enjoyed with my family over the years for Yom Kippur, but certainly Traif'd out. I like the juxtaposition of these two ideas. 1. The obvious, that it's a Traif family Yom Kippur and 2. Tonight, i'm Jewish and so is Traif--so, it's a little less rebellious and a little more traditional. It's not kosher, but it's Jewish in the way I was raised."

Tickets are $55, and you'll find the menu below. See you there! 

Sweet & sour goat meatballs, aged goat’s gouda and Traif's goat’s yogurt

Parisienne gnocchi kugel, raisins, walnuts, Traif's ricotta and brussels

Veal short rib brisket, baked-stuffed cabbage, late plum soffrito 

Matzoh ball soup, in the style of pho

Bagels & lox, Traif's cured & smoked butterfish, “everything bagel” with scallion cream cheese

Whipped duck liver, cracklins, poached yolk, confit and broth

Whole-braised lamb shoulder, chickpea & Traif's merguez stew with pomegranate-walnut “PBJ”

Roasted pheasant in atonement: white truffle crusted pheasant, white chanterelles, boudin blanc stuffing and white vermouth

Salad of cucumber, dates, fried eggplant, cinnamon and preserved lemon

Roasted beets, concord grape, tahini creme fraiche and puffed seeds

Braised bacon, tippy’s lentils, various crabapple presentations

Honey-lemon crispy-braised Berkshire pig tails, peanut, sorrel and celery

Tempura lightly-smoked whitefish sliders, celery root and brown butter challuh

Torched scallop carpaccio, dill pickle gribiche and poppyseed shortbread

Almond-honey cake, huckleberry sorbet and elderflower soup

Brown butter & apple souffle, sour ice cream with cranberry

Milk-poached wild salmon, dill-gold potato sauce and beef cheeks

18 hour corned wagyu beef short rib, rye polenta, pickled red cabbage and horseradish-mustard gremolata

Spiced banana & date cake, gjetost ice cream and dark chocolate “fudge”