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The Future of Taste


RECIPES: Re-Imagining Kellogg's Cereal at Taste Talks Chicago

Phil Guignon


At this year's Taste Talks Chicago, we teamed up 3 top chefs Kristina Mack (Broken Tart), Matthew Rice (The Publican), and Jessica Koslow (Sqirl) to bring original — and unconventional — cereal creations to attendees throughout the day.

Check out the chefs' recipes below for new takes on the breakfast classic.  Or, get creative and look to your pantry and refrigerator.  Cereal can be so much more than just milk in a bowl - it can be the perfect canvas for building a delicious snack to be enjoyed as a start to the day or late-night snack.



Kristina Mack - I Dream of Tahini

  • Rice Krispies 
  • Tahini paste
  • Honey
  • Black sesame seeds 
  • White sesame seeds 
  • Fresh fig
  • Cinnamon 
  • 2% Milk



Mathew Rice - Baklava for Breakfast

  • Frosted Mini Wheats
  • Orange zest
  • Pistachios
  • Chopped dates
  • Honey drizzle
  • Whole milk




Jessica Koslow - Rise & Dine

  • Rice Krispies
  • Frosted Flakes
  • Matcha
  • Raspberry Jam
  • Toasted coconut
  • Candied Ginger
  • Coconut Milk

Chef Jessica Koslow of Sqirl is the Kellogg's Cereal Bar Throwdown Winner! [Chicago]

Phil Guignon


Jessica Koslow of Los Angeles hot spot Sqirl came out on top at this year's Taste Talks + Kellogg's Cereal Bar Throwdown in Chicago.  Chef Koslow went head to head with fellow top chefs Matthew Rice (The Publican) and Kristina Mack (Broken Tart) in an Iron Chef-style cereal cook-off, where the participating chefs were given 5 minutes and 20 secret ingredients to create a unique cereal dish.  A panel of judges tasted each cereal creation and voted on a winner based on originality, taste, and presentation. Check out the video of the throwdown and Jessica's winning recipe below!

Chef Jessica Koslow's Winning Cereal Creation

  • Special K
  • Peaches
  • Mint
  • Fresh mozzarella
  • Salt
  • Milk steeped with honey and corn


Chef Sam Mason of OddFellows Ice Cream Is The Kellogg's Cereal Bar ThrowDown Winner!

Phil Guignon


Sam Mason of Brooklyn's beloved OddFellows Ice Cream emerged victorious at this year's Taste Talks + Kellogg's Cereal Bar Throwdown.  Mason went head to head with fellow top chefs Russell Jackson and Roble Ali in an Iron Chef-style cereal cook-off, where the participating chefs were given 5 minutes and 20 secret ingredients to create a unique cereal dish.  A panel of judges tasted each cereal creation and voted on a winner based on originality, taste, and presentation. Check out the video of the throwdown and Sam's winning recipe below!

Chef Sam Mason's Winning Cereal Creation

  • Raisin Bran
  • Toasted almonds
  • Granola pieces
  • Honey
  • Almond milk

RECIPES: Top Chefs Re-Imagine Kellogg's Cereal at Taste Talks Brooklyn

Phil Guignon


At this year's Taste Talks, we teamed up with chefs Russell Jackson (Food Network, SubCulture Dining), Roble Ali (Bravo, Roble & Co), and Sam Masson (OddFellows Ice Cream) to bring original — and unconventional — cereal creations to attendees throughout the day.

Check out the chefs' recipes below for new takes on the breakfast classic.  Or, get creative and look to your pantry and refrigerator.  Cereal can be so much more than just milk in a bowl - it can be the perfect canvas for building a delicious snack to be enjoyed as a start to the day or late-night snack.



Chef Russell Jackson

  • Special K
  • Crumbled bacon
  • Maple syrup
  • Powdered peanut butter (PB2)
  • Jelly
  • Milk



Chef Roble Ali

  • Rice Krispies
  • Crumbled ginger snaps
  • Banana slices
  • Brown sugar
  • Unsweetened coconut milk



Chef Sam Mason

  • Raisin Bran
  • Toasted almonds
  • Granola pieces
  • Honey
  • Almond milk

Video: Brian Tsao Makes a Spam Sushi Dog at Kimoto Rooftop Beer Garden

Phil Guignon


If you still cringe at the thought of Spam, Chef Brian Tsao is here to change your mind. And he’s got no problem if you think that his new menu at the Kimoto Rooftop Beer Garden is a little of the Asian stoner vibe–that’s what he’s going for.

So naturally, we drooled just a tiny bit when Tsao showed us how he deep-fries Spam to make a hot dog-Spam musubi hybrid, and uses Japanese ingredients to make a new kind of sushi roll. Riffing off a traditional bar menu with Asian influences, Tsao has taken his deep culinary roots and planted himself in the Brooklyn culinary scene–not far from where he grew up. Pair the smoky-sweet Spam Sushi Dog with one of Kimoto Rooftop Beer Garden’s brews (we like the refreshing, balanced taste of Sapporo), sit back and have fun, as Tsao would hope you would. (Oh, and for dessert–the Uni PB&J is not to be missed.)

Thanks to Sapporo for for supporting local restaurants in Brooklyn.

Kimoto Rooftop Beer Garden, 216 Duffield Street, Downtown Brooklyn

Video edited and shot by Michael J. Herbert.

MOO adds extra flavor to Taste Talks 2015

Roma Moradian

MOO was proud to support this year’s Taste Talks events in both Brooklyn and Chicago. The online print and design company, dedicated to helping their customers create beautiful, expertly crafted business stationery and promotional materials, added an extra burst of flavor to the events with their amazing printed products. 


The Event Guides

For the All Star BBQ, MOO’s Original Postcards were used to create the festival pass. The event pass also doubled up as a handy guide to the event’s line-up of world-renowned chefs, including Ben Conniff and Matt Timms. And, since they were attached to lanyards-- guests were easily able to tackle their food with both hands.


The Special Menus

MOO’s Luxe Notecards proved the perfect canvas on which to print menus for Taste Talks’ more exclusive events, including a dessert party hosted by Dominique Ansel and Questlove. The perfect size and print quality, the menus added a finishing touch to the luxury table settings and provided guests with a detailed look at what they’d be tasting!


The Ice Breakers

What’s worse than sitting next to someone at a dinner with nothing to say? We know that would never happen to you--but to ensure conversation flowed among our esteemed guests, we printed conversation starters that guests could pick up throughout the evening events. Printed on Luxe Business Cards, the prompt cards featured questions designed to get people talking and keep their focus on the food.  

There’s no better way to celebrate the future of taste than by bringing together leaders from around the culinary world with everyday food enthusiasts for a weekend of stimulating conversation, fun encounters, and amazing food. Add some fun printed takeaways from MOO, and the one-of-a-kind memories are sure to last even longer!

Discover the Unexpected with Dark Horse Wine

Phil Guignon


Fortune favors the bold. Dark Horse Wine is driven by this belief, and Winemaker Beth Liston is committed to delivering the unexpected – marshalling the best agricultural and winemaking resources from around the world to clear the hurdles of predictability.

On September 13th, local New York City food and wine enthusiasts got a chance to sample the exceptionally great-tasting Dark Horse Wines at the Taste Talks All Star BBQ in Brooklyn. In celebration of the brand’s national launch earlier this year, Dark Horse was on site to pique the interest of new palates by providing bold pairings that complemented the unique culinary offerings.

Currently Dark Horse offers six varietals including Cabernet Sauvignon, Big Red Blend, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and NEW Pinot Noir. Available nationwide wherever wine is sold, these wines retail for under $10. Wine drinkers who enjoy bold flavors and appreciate an unexpected value are sure to fall in love at first sip! For those who want to show off their at-home mixology skills, be sure to mix up an In the Red cocktail, which includes Dark Horse Red Blend, Lime Cordial and Tonic Water.

Discover more about Dark Horse Wine here. Follow Dark Horse on Twitter and Instagram @DarkHorseWine.


In the Red

Created by Mixologist Alex Renshaw


   2 ounces Dark Horse Red Blend

   3/4 ounce Lime Cordial

   2 ounces Tonic Water


Build in a glass, add ice and garnish with a lime wedge 


Island Creek Oysters: Committed to Growing The Finest Oysters in the World

Roma Moradian

As many worthwhile endeavors do, Island Creek Oysters started as a crazy idea.  Skip Bennett, owner and founder of Island Creek Oysters, planted his first oysters in 1992 after three years growing quahogs in Duxbury Bay. He was told by many he was moving from growing something bad to something even worse. After much trial and error, and some undeniably delicious oysters, Island Creek Oysters has grown into one of the largest and most reputable aquaculture businesses in the US, selling over five million oysters a year around the world.



Intense care is given to every step of the farming process, from hatchery to harvesting. Because of Island Creek's commitment to excellence, the National Shellfish Association named Island Creek Oysters the best oyster in America. Today, diners can find Island Creek Oysters on the menu at restaurants across the country including Per Se, The French Laundry, and at their own Island Creek Oyster Bar, and Row 34. For more information, or to purchase oysters for home delivery, please visit 

While some seasons are better than others, one thing has never changed; Skip’s original commitment to growing the finest oysters in the world while having a damn good time doing it.


Branding a Food Business: What You Need To Know

Roma Moradian


Starting up your own food brand can be a daunting task. Be it a restaurant, blog, pop-up stall or whatever else you come up with, the market’s already fiercely competitive. We used our noodles here at MOO to pool some advice for you guys who are considering taking a step into the (onion) ring of food business.

First thing’s first is getting your photography in order, Erika Dillon – MOO’s Lead Business Identity designer – says, “I can’t stress enough how important photography is, particularly for food related stuff. It’s not just focusing on a meal, it’s almost more like lifestyle photography.” Invest in somebody who can distil the essence of your business through the lens. “Make your brand warm, welcoming and engaging. People want to get involved with these brands because they feel like it’s a lifestyle to buy into… that must come through in the imagery!”


      XOCLAD’s product, designed by  Anagrama .

      XOCLAD’s product, designed by Anagrama.

Don’t simply view your food or drink as objects; consider what will be going on when your customers see it, where it will be and what competition will be around. Think about the wider picture, not just what you’re selling. As Steve and Hannah – two MOO Designers – say, “Identity isn’t just about a logo, it’s the experience as a whole. The theme of the restaurant, for example, or the vibe that you’re trying to create… people are parting with their cash for this stuff. It’s about everything that surrounds whatever you’re selling, the entire brand aesthetic. Continuity across both design and experience is key.”

“Keep in mind where your product is going to be stocked and who’s going to read it” say Steve and Hannah, “if they’re in a supermarket, you’ve got to consider that you’ll be sat amongst other brands. One of the best things you can do is to know your competitors, so you can see how your brand needs to differ from the existing ones.”


      Gabani’s branding. Photo courtesy of  Demian Conrad .

      Gabani’s branding. Photo courtesy of Demian Conrad.

Consider how you can make people talk about your brand after they’ve finished the experience too. “Maybe you can give them something that they can take home with them, Wahaca give away chilli seeds with their meals; D F Mexico, too, have popping candy that you can take back with you.” Steve and Hannah are spot on, if you can have something in the hands of your customer once they’ve bought your stuff, it’s likely to have a positive impact on both their, and their friends’, impression of your brand.

Setting yourself apart from the big brands is something that’s integral if you want to make waves in the food industry. Make sure to really get stuck in, researching the market you’re going into. “But it’s not so much what your product is,” says Erika, “Having a unique perspective is so important, but you need to consider your own story. Being authentic makes it so much more personal – that’s the key way to differentiate you from the big box brands. Food brands need to provide experiences that are novel, engaging and honest.”



Honest Burgers is a great example of clear branding, they only have a few burger options and 1 set of fries, that’s it.” Their simplicity is what sets them apart from their competitors, they keep it manageable – not small scale – but keeping everything tight. People don’t want to be bombarded by information. You need to make people want to take time out of their day.”

Hopefully this has given your brain a little bit of nourishment, but maybe you guys are brand gurus. Let us know any tips or tricks you may have below!

Break Bread with La Brea Bakery in NYC!

Roma Moradian

Photo by Matthew Petit

Photo by Matthew Petit

Carb counting be damned! We all know that bread (in one form or another) is the base of any great meal. In fact, a recent La Brea Bakery survey found that three in four foodies say a good meal always includes the stuff—and we agree! To show you just how tasty and versatile  bread can be, Los Angeles-based bread icon La Brea Bakery is  taking its artisan craft on the road with the Breaking Bread Tour.

All summer long, the Breaking Bread Tour food truck has been sampling fresh-baked treats at community events and grocery stores across the country, from Los Angeles to Boston. Look for the truck in NYC September 10-13. You can follow its progress at the Breaking Bread Tour hub.


Must Credit-Matthew Petit:Feature Photo Service 5.jpg


The truck will be dishing out fresh bite-size creations featuring ingredients from artisan partners like Stonewall Kitchen, Cabot Cheese and Justin’s nut butters. Salami, Sriracha Aioli, and Seriously Sharp Cheddar Cheese on Rosemary Olive Oil bread, anyone?

And if free, oven-fresh nibbles aren’t enough for you, the La Brea Bakery team will also be handing out coupons and special offers, that can be redeemed at grocery stores all over NYC.

You really can taste the difference that comes with using pure, high-end ingredients, and La Brea Bakery stands behind that level of quality. And they’ve got a little something for everyone, with more than 200 varieties of breads ranging from herb-infused loafs to focaccia, flatbreads, sandwich rolls and of course baguettes.

So slow down and take some time to break bread with friends and savor the little things in life. Like La Brea Bakery’s top-notch artisanal bread.

Find the latest info (including Tour stops) here


Taste Talks at SXSW!

Juliann DiNicola


We took some time during SXSW this past Sunday for a discussion at the #DellLounge about the future of taste, tech, and entrepreneurship.

The evening kicked off with a panel led by our host and Taste Talks Brooklyn curator Questlove, who was joined by Liz Lambert (Bunkhouse), Eileen Gordon (Barnraiser), Michael Chiarello (Gruppo Chiarello), Josh Hare (Hops & Grain), and Jody Reyes (WhichCraft Beer Store).

"Beer used to be a working class beverage Now beer is the topic of conversation. Makers of beer just want you to enjoy it." from Josh Hare, Hops & Grain

"People repeat negative experiences 10 times more often than positive ones, but if you have the opportunity to correct it, then they'll repeat that even more." from Chef Michael Chiarello 

After the panel, attendees noshed on beer can chicken, short ribs, grilled oysters,  and chocolate caramel cake, provided by four kickass Chef Mashups: Luke Shaffer (290 Grind) & Adrian Grenier (Churchkey Can Co.), Chef Andrew Wiseheart (Contigo) & Jennie Kelley (The Polyphonic Spree), Jason Stude (Second Bar + Kitchen) & Andrew Pertes (of Penguin Prison & Savoir Adore), and Jessica Maher (Lenoir) & Steve Terebecki (White Denim).

Finally, we’re thrilled to announce that this event was the kickoff to a year-long Dell and Northside partnership!  In the coming months, will be featuring stories highlighting the entrepreneurs, founders and small business leaders from Brooklyn, Miami and Chicago celebrating Dell's ongoing committment to entrepreneurs and small business. Stay tuned and continue the conversation at #SBinsider!

A big thanks to our evening sponsors: BalvenieIsland Creek Oysters & Churchkey Can Co!


Eric Ripert in Conversation with LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy

Sarah Zorn


Who said St. Patrick’s Day needs to revolve around corned beef, green beer and cabbage? This year, Northside kicked off the holiday in high style, spending the evening at Soho House’s screening room, chatting with culinary supergod, Eric Ripert, as well as LCD Soundsystem’s multi-talented frontman, James Murphy. 

Brooklyn magazine’s very own food editor, Sarah Zorn, moderated a spirited discussion between the unlikely duo, throwing out burning questions such as how they’d characterize their style as leaders (Murphy admits to occasionally letting his emotions get the better of him, while Ripert, a longtime Buddhist, is known for running a happy, zen-like kitchen). As the evening wore on, even more wonderful nuggets of personal information came to light, that went well beyond restaurants and records and awards and accolades — such as the fact that Murphy is currently preoccupied with churning his own butter, and that Ripert’s career was almost sidetracked by becoming a male model.

Look out for more of these kinds of conversation at Taste Talks 2015!


February Eatup: The Future of Hospitality

Juliann DiNicola


We had the absolute pleasure of having Anthony Rudolf, founder of Journee; Simon King, General Manager of The Modern; and moderator Sean Murphy, Editor-in-Chief of Jetsetter, speak about how technology is changing the hospitality industry.  The conversation ranged from mobile payments - imagine a busy bar,  four-people deep, and the bartender not having to make change - to a debate on the value of apps that charge to make reservations. During the audience Q&A, an attendee asked why hospitality has been slow to adapt to rapidly changing technology and all agreed - technology is not at the center of their business. Quoting Simon King, "The core values of our trade haven't changed, and I don't see them changing. It's about people." 



April Bloomfield & Paul Kahan Curate Chicago 2015

Juliann DiNicola


Taste Talks is proud to announce that chefs April Bloomfield of New York City and Paul Kahan of Chicago will curate the second annual Taste Talks Food & Drink Festival in Chicago on October 2-4, 2015.

“Taste Talks really aims to bring together food and culture trendsetters for conversations about the future of taste - that means culinary artists, brewmasters, musicians, journalists, makers, innovators and more,” says festival founder Daniel Stedman. “We’re excited to have thought leaders Paul and April use their culinary expertise and creativity to advise on the talent, topics and events to program our best festival yet!”

April Bloomfield, the darling of New York City’s culinary scene and James Beard Award winner, is the chef behind wildly popular restaurants including Michelin-starred The Spotted Pig and The Breslin, and John Dory Oyster Bar, Salvation Taco and now Tosca in San Francisco. Questlove, Mario Batali and Wylie Dufresne participated  Taste Talks Brooklyn 2013 under Bloomfield’s curation.

Also a James Beard Award winner, Paul Kahan, Executive Chef and Partner of the critically acclaimed avec and Blackbird among other Chicago favorites, curated the Chicago festival in 2014. He’s long been a staple as one of Chicago’s - and the country’s - top chefs; and his Midwest roots give him special access to some of the region’s most exciting talent.

“There’s no doubt that as we work closely with April and Paul to build the 2015 festival, we’ll be able to bring together many of the people at the forefront of the food world from around the country,” added Stedman.



Dominique Ansel's View from the Top

Sarah Zorn

While certain savory chefs have attained serious celebrity status, increasingly on the level of movie and music stars, for the most part, pastry professionals have continued to linger in the shadows. Which is why —though he received plenty of industry acclaim for his work at the three Michelin-starred Daniel — Dominique Ansel’s ascension to the world stage has been practically unprecedented, fueled by frenzied interest in his mind-boggling, science-defying desserts.

Read More

The All-Star Mashups

Will Levitt

Collaboration leads to greater success than one could manage alone. It's been proven again and again - in almost every situation -  by scientists, designers and creativity experts. Bringing two or more people together to share fresh ideas and unique perspectives results in a superior product.

At Taste Talks, we know that to be true. We’ve seen it, and, well, we’ve eaten it. 

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What's Next in Taste: Bone Broth

Sarah Zorn


Of all of the health-motivated culinary trends that have taken New York by storm in the past few years — kale, quinoa, cauliflower, Greek yogurt, maple water, chia and brussels sprouts — easy-to-digest bone broth just might be the least, well, sexy (yes, even less so than brussels sprouts). Granted, that’s probably because we generally associate it with cheerless nursing home dining halls, or more specifically, our husband’s own ulcerative colitis; a GI disease he attempts to keep in check with the dark, collagen-rich fluid.

And indeed, chef Marco Canora’s personal plethora of equally unpleasant ailments, including high cholesterol, prediabetes and even (yikes!) gout, was his original impetus for opening Brodo — a new, massively popular broth-focused takeout window, attached to his critically acclaimed restaurant, Hearth. “I’ve been immersed in health and wellness for years now, following this revived wave of doctors preaching the gospel of functional medicine, and food as a way to heal all that ails you,” Canora says. “And I came across broth time and again, which has already been an integral part of my cooking for as long as I can remember. So it triggered the idea that (in addition to sipping it regularly myself), I should sell broth in coffee cups out of this unused space in my restaurant, and essentially create a brand new category of hot, healing beverage.”

That being said, Canora’s mission isn’t merely to dispense liquid medicine to malnourished, sickly passerby in the East Village. A talented chef first and foremost, he hopes to drive home the idea that the terms “good tasting” and “good for you” needn’t be mutually exclusive, supplementing his long-simmered elixirs with organic chicken, grass-fed beef, and optional add-ins such as ginger juice, Calabrian chili oil, and shiitake mushroom “tea,” that are every bit as scrumptious as they are nutritionally sound. “I’m happy to bring broth to the forefront, because I think it’s a superfood that nobody talks about, but exemplifies the notion that healthy fare can also be delicious and enjoyable,” insists Canora.

Of course, not all broths are created equal. So if you’re anxious to add the trending beverage your daily diet regimen, but can’t always make it to Brodo (or don’t relish the idea of boiling up animal carcasses at home), it’s important to know what to look for when it comes to store-bought stock. “Rather than getting easily distracted by marketing claims and labels such as "all natural", it is best to just go straight to the ingredient list,” recommends Culinary Nutritionist Kristy Del Coro. “If you see ingredients that are comparable to what you would use at home (i.e. water, chicken, carrots, celery, onions, herbs, etc.) then you are on the right track. If you start to see things like dextrose, MSG, hydrolyzed proteins, mono and diglycerides or any artificial flavors, you are looking at a more highly processed, less natural and less nutrient-dense product.”

Considering the spotlight Canora has effectively shined on broth, don’t be surprised if you end up battling other shoppers for top-quality brands in the grocery store, or notice a sudden glut of stock purveyors popping up all over town. “I’m sure there will be followers. There’s a big push towards health and caring about what you eat, which is awesome and I’m really happy to be a part of that,” Canora says. “But I also think it’s too bad that everyone wants to find some sort of silver bullet — like if I just drink green juice it’s going to clear my acne — and there’s no such thing when it comes to health and nutrition. There’s so much bad information out there, including the idea that you have to make sacrifices in terms of flavor and satisfaction if you want to be healthy.”

“I think that these cups of broth perfectly illustrate what bullshit that is, and that’s part of the success of Brodo,” he continues. “When it comes right down to it, people are digging this shit cause its delicious, AND they know that they’re doing right by their bodies.”

Brodo: 200 1st Ave.,  (646) 602-1300

Questlove Signs On to Curate Taste Talks Brooklyn 2015

Northside Media Group


We have some pretty darn exciting news. Read all about it in the New York Times.  Yep, we've signed on trendsetter, tastemaker and voice of all things cool Questlove to curate the third annual 2015 Taste Talks Food and Drink Festival in Brooklyn.   

Why Questlove? Well, why not really?  In addition to being a Grammy Award-winning musician with his band The Roots, Questlove has become heavily involved in the international culinary community in recent years. Questlove  recently began hosting food salons at his home in New York City. The salons feature some of the most well respected chefs and food thought leaders from around the world. No doubt, we'll be bringing a salon to kickoff Brooklyn Taste Talks 2015, in addition to countless other unforgettable dinners, speakers and parties.  It's going to be the best year, yet!  Stay tuned.