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Brooklyn, NY
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The Future of Taste

Schedule + Tickets 2015



6:30-10PM | Mother of Pearl - SOLD OUT

Oysters and bubbly are the perfect way to celebrate the start of the weekend. Enjoy an Island Creek Oysters and wine pairing cocktail hour followed by a delectable multi-course sit-down dinner with wine pairings at Villain, a raw loft in the heart of Williamsburg.

Location: Villain, 50 North Third St. Brooklyn, NY 11249 


10AM-1PM | Chicken and Waffles - SOLD OUT

Start your Taste Talks weekend right with a Chicken & Waffles Brunch reminding you that this may well be the most irresistible dish on the planet. Includes a specialty cocktail!

Location: Colossal Media, 85 Wythe Ave. 

10AM | Online/Offline: The Future of Food Magazines

Food media - both online and offline - abounds.  With the endless amount of choice of food blogs and websites and printed magazines to gain food information from, what does it take for the top food media outlets to retain and grow their audience? And as the media industry shifts to being online focused, why are so many food magazines thriving? Come hear from the leaders of both established and new media discuss the changing food media landscape. 

Panelists: Dana Cowin, Editor-in-Chief of Food & Wine; Helen Hollyman, Editor-in-Chief of Vice Munchies; Peter Meehan, Co-founder of Lucky Peach; Adam Rapoport, Editor-in-Chief of Bon Appétit 

Moderator: Kerry Diamond, Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Food 

Location: Wythe Hotel Screening Room presented by Miracle-Gro


10:30AM | Do Restaurant Reviews Matter?

With countless websites posting customer reviews and bloggers giving personal accounts of dining out are restaurant reviews relevant anymore? Listen to both sides of the debate - and the future of what a review should include - and consider wisely the next review you read and post.

Panelists: Carlo Mirarchi, Roberta's; Ruggy Joesten, Yelp; Sam Sifton, NYT; Sonia Kapadia, Taste Savant; Jocelyn Mangan, OpenTable

Moderator: Adam Sachs, Editorial Dir Tasting Table

Location: Kinfolk presented by Squarespace  

11AM | The Chef's Chef: London's Lee Tiernan Breaks All The Rules

This beloved East London chef is a chef’s chef, meaning he makes food that chefs love to eat. His roast bone marrow & deviled kidneys are mainstays on his menu.  Come see what chefs like to eat and how Lee captures their expert, discerning palates.

Location: Wythe Private Dining Room


11:30AM | The Story of the Source: Do People Care?

From restaurant customers to home cooks, how much are people concerned about eating local and organic ingredients and buying sustainably raised meat? Together this panel will discuss the most important food issues of today and the role of chefs in the socially responsible conversation.

Panelists: David Rubinov, Farm to People;  Rob Newton, Chef/Owner of Wilma Jean and Nightingale 9; Ken Blanchette, Fresh Direct; Greg Hall, Virtue Cider

Moderator: Dan Pashman, Host of WNYC's "The Sporkful" and author of Eat More Better: How To Make Every Bite More Delicious.

Location: Kinfolk 94 presented by American Express

12PM | From Indie Bands to Grandpa's Buick: What is Buzz?

What makes it happen, does it have to go away with experience and what do the kids want these days

Panelists: Christine Muhlke; Executive Editor of Bon Appétit and the Co-author of “Manresa” with David Kinch and “On the Line” with Eric Ripert; Kate Krader, Restaurant Editor at Food & Wine magazine; Ken Friedman, Co-owner of The Spotted Pig, The Breslin Bar & Dining Room, The John Dory Oyster Bar, Salvation Taco and Tosca Cafe; and Craig Kanarick, CEO of

Moderator: Mario Batali

Location: Wythe Hotel Screening Room presented by Miracle-Gro

12:30PM | Is Brooklyn the Next Manhattan?

Brooklyn used to be a place where young chefs could take a stab at opening their first restaurant, but with rapid and widespread Brooklyn gentrification, it is no longer seen as a place for newcomers.  This panel will discuss the changes in the Brooklyn food scene and what’s next for independent chefs looking to make a name for themselves.

Panelists: Andy Ricker, Owner of PokPok NYC; Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo, Owners of Prime Meats, Frankies 457 Spuntino; Gabe Stulman, CEO/Founder of Happy Cooking Hospitality

Moderator: Jordana Rothman, food + drink writer

Location: Kinfolk presented by Squarespace

12PM-6PM | Future Food Expo

Future Food Expo is a showcase and celebration of “What’s Next” in food at Taste Talks Food Festival Brooklyn! As America’s hottest test kitchen, Brooklyn has become an international epicenter of the food movement. This event, the only one of its kind, showcases the future of food products, companies, media and innovators from right here in Brooklyn and around the world!

Location: Colossal Media, 85 Wythe Ave 


1:30PM | Reporting, Writing & Eating: How Sam Sifton covers the food news for the New York Times 

Gabrielle Hamilton sits down with Sam Sifton to inquire about the opportunities and limitations of covering food for the NYT, what it takes to put together the food section and what the hell a "newsman" is doing on the "soft" food side of things. 

Location: Kinfolk 94 presented by American Express

2PM l The Inside Scoop on How Restaurants Work (and how you can benefit from knowing)

Laura Wagstaff and Jeffrey Tascarella, the dynamic hospitality duo from one of New York’s finest restaurants, The NoMad, will share an insider's perspective  on the inner-workings of their day-to-day operations, and how you can improve your dining out experiences at The NoMad - or anywhere - every time you enjoy a night on the town! 

Panelists: Jeffrey Tascarella, General Manager of NoMad; Laura Wagstaff, Special Events Director of NoMad

Location: Wythe Hotel Screening Room presented by Miracle-Gro

2:30PM | Tasting Lab: The Magic and Taste of Tequila & Mezcal with Phil Ward of Death & Co.

Interested in taking your knowledge of tequila deeper than what goes into your margarita?  Enter the fascinating world of Tequila and Mezcal and learn the history and subtle variations of these Mexican liquors.  

Speaker: Phil Ward is the owner of the speakeasy-style cocktail bar, Death and Co., and the  tequila- and mezcal-centric bar Mayahuel, both in Manhattan’s East Village. Ward has received three consecutive nominations for Bartender of the Year at Tales of the Cocktail and has won the Best New Bar award for Mayahuel.

Location: Kinfolk presented by Squarespace


3PM | Demo Lab: Tosi and Bowien Create Delicious from Dollar Store Ingredients

Christina Tosi, 2012 James Beard Rising Star Chef of the Year winner, is known to occasionally eat canned beef stew at home after her long days of cookie dough tasting at Momofuku’s Milk Bar, where she is head chef and owner. As a friend and fan, Danny Bowien wants to teach her how to make her favorite comfort food from scratch. 

Speaker: Christina Tosi is the chef, owner and founder of momofuku milk bar, called “one of the most exciting bakeries in the country” by bon appetit magazine.

Danny Bowien is the chef and owner of Mission Chinese and Mission Cantina in New York City and a 2013 James Beard Award winner.

Location: Wythe Private Dining Room

3:30PM | Is a Brick-and-Mortar Necessary?

In the age of celebrity chefs, there are countless ways to make a living as a professional cook. From hosting a food show to owning a food truck, chefs now have options of how they make their money. But to be taken seriously by other chefs and to be publicly recognized with culinary awards, is it still necessary to have a traditional restaurant? Together this panel will discuss the myriad ways that chefs prove their talent and the changing culinary industry.

Panelists: Camille Becerra, Navy; Eric Bolyard, Tasting Society; Drew Barrett, Dinner Lab

Moderator: Elettra Wiedemann, Founder of Impatient Foodie

Location: Kinfolk 94 presented by American Express

4PM | Daniel Krieger: Expert Food Photography for Everyday Cooks

In case you missed him last year, star food photographer Daniel Krieger is back for an encore performance! If you desire more ‘likes’ on your Instagram posts or always wondered how your favorite food blog has the most beautiful picture of roasted veggies, come learn how the professionals do it.  This will be a hands-on, interactive learning lab.

Speaker: Daniel Krieger is an award winning New York City food photographer. His work regularly appears in the New York Times, Food & Wine, Bon Appétit and where he serves as head photographer. Daniel has shot several cocktail and cookbooks, including the celebrated Ivan Ramen: Love, Obsession, and Recipes from Tokyo's Most Unlikely Noodle Joint. He documents much of his daily work on his Instagram account @danielkrieger. His website is

Location: Kinfolk presented by Squarespace

4:30PM | Big Chefs on the Small Screen: How Food Television Lifted Chefs to Cult Status

It was not that long ago that customers frequented restaurants and talked about how inventive the food was and never knew who was in the kitchen preparing it. Now in the age of celebrity chefs, not only do diners know chefs' names, they often follow them from restaurant to restaurant and know their personalities and food philosophy from seeing them in magazines and food shows. Star chefs will share their personal stories and insights on being a celebrity chef.   

Panelists: Sara Moulton, TV Personality;  Alex Guarnaschelli, Executive Chef of Butter; Justin Warner, Owner of Brooklyn’s ‘Do or Dine’, and Dale Talde, Executive Chef/Partner of TALDE

Moderator: Sarah Zorn is the food editor of Brooklyn Magazine and Restaurant Girl and author of Brooklyn Chef's Table. 

Location: Wythe Hotel Screening Room presented by Miracle-Gro

5:00PM | Thoughts on the Half Shell: Island Creek Oysters Paired with Sud de France Wine 

Come learn more about this sexy bivalve mollusk - how and where they are raised and harvested and their future availability in New York. And, taste five different Island Creek Oysters with a wine pairing and presentation by Sud de France.

Panelists: Chris Sherman - Island Creek Oysters and Jamal Rayyis - Gilbert & Gaillard

Location: Kinfolk 94 presented by American Express 

5PM | Beer Tasting: Other Half Brewing’s Sam Richardson in Conversation with Mike Conklin

Brooklyn Magazine Editor-in-Chief Mike Conklin sits down with Sam Richardson, brewmaster and owner of Other Half Brewing. Since opening its doors in January of this year, the Gowanus-based brewery has developed a rabid following here in the city, thanks largely to its lineup of perfectly crafted west coast-style IPAs. Their conversation will cover the brewery’s brief history, its plans for the future, and the hype that’s surrounded them almost since day one. Samples of Other Half beers will be served, with Richardson guiding the audience through a tasting.

Location: Wythe Hotel Private Dining

6PM-7PM | Fuck, That's Delicious Screening presented by Munchies

Watch Action Bronson take us on one of the most unreal, out-of-bounds New York City food tours that’s ever been committed on film. In this never-before-seen extended edition, Mr. Wonderful shows us around his hometown and cooks his favorite foods: baklava, pizza, and stoner-friendly chicken sandwiches. 

Bonus: Catch an exclusive sneak peek of MUNCHIES' upcoming documentary on chef Danny Bowien and hear from the filmmakers who have been documenting his transition from underground chef to international superstar for over a year.

Location: Wythe Hotel Screening Room presented by Miracle-Gro


7PM | 8:30PM | Dining with Dinner Lab & Taste Talks

Expect an unforgettable dining out experience when Taste Talks partners with Dinner Lab to bring you a multi-course meal created by a passionate, rising star chef in an un-traditional, exciting Brooklyn location.   Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired by the chef's inventive palate and share a table with old and new friends.


12PM-6PM | Future Food Expo

Future Food Expo is a showcase and celebration of “What’s Next” in food at Taste Talks Food Festival Brooklyn! As America’s hottest test kitchen, Brooklyn has become an international epicenter of the food movement. This event, the only one of its kind, showcases the future of food products, companies, media and innovators from right here in Brooklyn and around the world!

Location: Colossal Media, 85 Wythe Ave  


1-4PM + 5-8PM | All-Star Chef BBQ

Celebrate a day of discovery and indulgence at Taste Talk's All-Star Cookout, a sampling feast that brings together world-renowned chefs making signature dishes at the beautiful East River Park.  Expect to mix & mingle with Lee Tiernan, Danny Bowien, Inaki Aizpitarte, Jamie Bissonnette and more than 20 cult-status-chefs at 12 different grilling stations, while dining on their brilliant, delicious BBQ creations. 

Location: East River State Park