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The Future of Taste


11 AM, Saturday September 14th. 

Pancake Breakfast with Blue Ribbon and My Morning Jacket's Patrick Hallahan

Saturday, Sept. 14th.  11am - 3pm.  Brooklyn Bowl.

Enjoy an all you can eat breakfast of fresh coffee, pancakes, fried chicken and pulled pork.  We will be serving Brooklyn Bowl's world-class pancakes and fried chicken along with Patrick Hallahan's pulled pork.  Patrick has been smoking meats with his Dad in Louisville his whole life and will be bringing them to Brooklyn for Taste Talks.  Proceeds will benefit Northside Town Hall Community Center and the People's Firehouse.  Click here for tickets.

Is Food Porn Good for Food?

Saturday, 11am - 12pm, Wythe Hotel

The growing ranks of camera-savvy foodies have led to an onslaught of food photography across social media. But as delectable images of restaurant dishes and home-prepared meals increasingly dominate our laptop and phone screens, so too does the act of constantly capturing the image inherently alter the dining experience. In this panel, we'll discuss what drives us to constantly document our meals and how food porn might be changing the way we eat. 

Moderator: Mariana Cotlear (Heritage Radio Network) with participants: Matt Duckor (Bon Appetit), Frank Prisinzano (Lil Frankie's), Christian Seel (Photographer at Next, Alinea and Aviary)

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Cooking with Sinkane: Bands With Pans Live

Saturday, 11am - 12pm, Wythe Hotel

Brooklyn Magazine takes its  web-based column Bands With Pans into IRL territory with neighborhood psych-jazz staple Sinkane (AKA Ahmed Gallab). See how a musician can stretch a $20 bill to feed many people creatively firsthand. Maybe even get to taste some of the creation—who knows!

Participants: Sinkane 

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The New Brew with Blue Bottle, Intelligentsia, Stumptown and Toby's Estate Coffee

Saturday 11am-12pm, Aska at Kinfolk Studios

Join four of the leaders in the new coffee movement as they discuss the differences between Chemex, Aeropress and French Press for your tasting pleasure. With complimentary coffee provided by Stumptown.

Moderator: Liz Clayton (Serious Eats coffee contributor, author of Nice Coffee Time)

Panelists: James Freeman (Blue Bottle Coffee), Marty Sweeney (Intelligentsia), Nick Kirby (Stumptown Coffee), Allie Caran (Toby's Estate Coffee) 

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12 Noon, Saturday September 14th.

Introduction to Food Photography: A Beginner's Guide to Making Bacon Look Sexy

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12pm - 1pm, Wythe Hotel

Once the exclusive province of glossy magazines, amateur food photography is now a favorite fixation of just about everyone with access to a camera and an Instagram stream. Whether you're working with a digital SLR or an iPhone, photographer Daniel Krieger's next-level knowledge can help you turn a simple snapshot into a stunning record of a memorable meal. In this course, Krieger will address staging, lighting, camera settings, mobile apps, simple editing methods and other resources designed to improve your culinary captures. This is an introductory class but basic knowledge of your camera is recommended.  

Instructor: Daniel Krieger  


12pm-1pm Wythe Hotel 

What are foodieodicals? Is this name appropriate, or is the word "foodie" still problematic? Meet four local self-publishing food magazine editors and hear their stories -- the joys, the challenges, the logistics and the art of publishing a food-focused, printed work.

Moderator: Eizabeth Thacker Jones (Food Book Fair) with panelists: Kerry Diamond (Cherry Bombe), Anna Dunn (Diner Journal), Sarah Forbes Keough (Put A Egg On It), James Casey (Swallow Magazine)

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Building Your Brand Online, Presented by Squarespace

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With the plethora of food photography, amateur chefs and restaurant reviewers available online, how do you stand out from the foodie fray? Our experts, from restauranteurs to industry specialists, weigh in on how best to make a digital impact.

12pm-1pm, Stilton House

Participants: Ali Rosen (Potluck Video), Ben Conniff (Luke's Lobster), Nic Jammet (Sweetgreen), Douglas Riccardi (Memo Productions), Sarah Simmons (City Grit), Natalie Gourvitch (Squarespace)


How to Navigate a Cookbook Deal

12pm - 1pm, Aska at Kinfolk Studios

Join the acclaimed bakers Matt and Allison Robicelli (of Robicelli's, naturally) as they detail their journey from bakers and bloggers to successful cookbook authors. They'll reveal the secrets of getting your cookbook idea noticed in an ultracompetitive industry and provide tips on everything from pitching agents to negotiating deals. Their highly anticipated book, Robicelli's: A Love Story with Cupcakes will be released by Penguin/Studio on October 17. Discussion to include their literary agent Melissa Sarver of Folio Literary Management. 

Participants: Allison Robicelli, Matt Robicelli, Melissa Sarver (Folio Literary Management)  

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1 PM, Saturday September 14th.

Gluten Matters & the Future of Bread

Saturday 1pm - 2pm, Wythe Hotel 

Is gluten friend or foe? Is there such thing as “better gluten?” This panel will discuss the role of gluten in baking and diets today. We'll examine modern and heritage breeds of wheat while exploring issues of taste, culture, and nutrient dentistry.

Moderator: Erin Fairbanks (Heritage Radio)  with panelists: June Russel (Greenmarket, GrowNYC), Nick Malgieri (Chef, author), Julie Dawson (Cornell University, Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics) , Austin Hall (Bread Baker for Diner, Marlow & Sons, & Romans)

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Chef Horror Stories, Hosted by Snacky Tunes 

Saturday 1pm-2pm, Aska at Kinfolk Studios

Chef Dale Talde & Restauranteur Carl McCoy join Heritage Radio Network's Snacky Tunes aka Darin & Greg Bresnitz in a discussion about the terrifying tales of working in a kitchen and being a full time chef. 

Moderators: Darin & Greg Bresnitz - Hosts of SnackyTunes, with participants: Dale Talde (Chef/Owner of Thistle Hill, Talde & Pork Slope), Carl McCoy (Owner, Gynnett St)

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Francis Mallmann on Fire

Saturday 1pm-2pm,  Stilton House 

Join this South American superstar (of Patagonia Sur, 1884 and Garzon) for an intimate chat about cooking with flames.

Speaker: Francis Mallmann

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Foraging Tour of North Brooklyn with Leda Meredith, presented by Miracle-Gro

1pm-2pm, Check-in at Aska at Kinfolk Studios

Join Leda Meredith, author of The Locavore's Handbook: The Busy Person's Guide to Eating Local on a Budget and Botany, Ballet, and Dinner from Scratch: A Memoir with Recipes, as she leads a foraging tour of North Brooklyn. Learn how to identify and harvest both edible and medicinal plants where you least expected them.

Tour guide: Leda Meredith (Author of The Locavore's Handbook: The Busy Person's Guide to Eating Local on a Budget) 

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Inventing Atmosphere: Contemporary Restaurant Design, Presented by Squarespace

1pm-2pm, Wythe Hotel 

Join some of today's most influential restauranteurs in an intimate discussion of their work, from conception to execution. Learn how their vision was inspired by the meals served in iconic restaurants like The Spotted Pig and Marlow & Sons.

Moderator: Ken Friedman (The Spotted Pig) with panelists: Andrew Tarlow (Diner, Marlow & Sons, Reynards), AvroKO Hospitality Group 

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2pm, Saturday September 14th

Is the Restaurant Over?

2pm - 3pm, Wythe Hotel 

Since the advent of the modern restaurant in 18th-century Paris, the way we dine out has evolved non-stop. But are we approaching the point where we're ready to leave the restaurant as we know it behind? Or are pop-ups, underground supper clubs, culinary salons and guest-chef dinners breathing new life into the form? These are the questions for this panel of chefs and curators who are creating new spaces for culinary innovation.

Moderator: Beth Kracklauer (Food Editor, Off Duty, The Wall Street Journal) with participants: Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli (Frankies Spuntino, Prime Meats, RES), Sarah Simmons (City Grit), Cecilia Alemani (Donald R. Mullen, Jr. Curator and Director of High Line Art Program / Frieze New York Projects Curator), Craig Thornton (Wolvesmouth)  Click here for tickets.


Bitters Workshop with Brad Thomas Parsons

 2pm-3pm, Aska at Kinfolk Studios

Gone are the days when a lonely bottle of Angostura bitters held court behind the bar. A cocktail renaissance has inspired a new fascination with the ingredients, techniques, and traditions that make the American cocktail so special. And few ingredients have as rich a history or serve as fundamental a role in our beverage heritage as bitters. Brad Thomas Parsons, James Beard Award-winning author of Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All, will take us through the history of the world's most storied elixir--from its earliest "snake oil" days to its near evaporation after Prohibition to its ascension as an essential ingredient on the contemporary bar scene. Bitters-spiked cocktails will be served and you'll nibble on Sweet & Spicy Bitter Bar Nuts while you sample artisanal bitters ranging in flavors from sour cherry, yuzu, and Meyer lemon to black mission fig, roasted macadamia, and cardamom. 

 With Brad Thomas Parsons

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Apartment Gardening, Presented by Miracle-Gro

2pm-3pm, Stilton House

How does one grow healthy vegetables and lush herbs in a cramped city like New York? Our expert panelists will teach you the tricks of the trade, from withstanding harsh weather to making the most of your space. 

Moderator: Gwen Schantz (Brooklyn Grange)

Participants: Viraj Puri (Gotham Greens), Regina Morrow (Crest Hardware), Jessa Blades (Blades Natural Beauty) Dr. Chris Cerveny (Scotts Miracle-Gro)

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Workshop: The Art of Italian Charcuterie 

2pm-3pm, Wythe Hotel

Sit with renowned charcutier Christopher Lee (Chez Panisse, Eccolo, Buco Alimentari e Vineria) as he provides a basic history of Italian cured meats and an overview of the current scene in the United States.

Featuring a salumi tasting from Il Buco.

Moderator: Christopher Lee

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3pm, Saturday September 14th

Why Does the Coffee in (Some) Restaurants Suck?

3pm-4pm, Wythe Hotel 

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Earlier this year, it was reported that about thirty percent of the world's Michelin-starred restaurants use Nespresso espresso capsules. Pod coffee might be a shortcut, but there's a good reason why so many acclaimed chefs and restauranteurs use it: espresso ain't easy. This panel of restauranteurs and coffee professionals will discuss what it takes to serve good coffee, why it makes sense for some restaurants to make the effort, and why some won't bother.

Moderator: Oliver Strand (Coffee Expert)  with Participants: Richard Coraine (Union Square Hospitality) Robert Newton (Seersucker) James Freeman (Blue Bottle Coffee) and Robert Thoreson (Kaffa) 


 Simple Cooking and Bright Mediterranean Flavors with EyeSwoon

3pm - 4pm, Wythe Hotel

Incredible food doesn't have to be fussy. Athena Calderone of EyeSwoon will talk with some of her favorite New York City chefs, including Gabe Thompson ( L'Apicio, dell'anima, L'Artusi and Anfora) Joe Pasqualetto (Rucola) Bret Csencsitz (Gotham Bar and Grill) Katherine Thompson  (Epicurean Managment) and Jeff Schwartz (New York Times), about healthy, simple and approachable meals that are focused around clean cooking with a Mediterranean flavor profile. The chefs will share recipes and tips on how to use a unique set of ingredients that pack a punch of flavor. Simple Cooking will aim to inspire home cooks to translate some of these flavors into their day to day meals.

With Athena Calderone (EyeSwoon), Gabe and Katherine Thompson  (L'Apicio, dell'anima, L'Artusi, Anfora), Bret Csencsitz (Gotham Bar and Grill), Jeff Schwarz (NY Times) and Joe Pasqualetto (Rucola)  Click here for tickets


Taste Talks Toast

Free with RSVP

Come celebrate Taste Talks with a toast hosted by April Bloomfield and Daniel Stedman!

3pm-4:45pm, Kinfolk Studios



Crafting Herbal Cocktails, presented by Miracle-Gro

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Herbal expert Dr. Chris Cerveny joins seasoned mixologist Sam Anderson (Salvation Taco) to showcase delicious cocktails that utilize fresh herbs, straight from your windowsill. 

3pm-4pm, Stilton House

Participants Dr. Chris Cerveny, Sam Anderson (Salvation Taco) 



4pm Saturday

Is Chicken Back? 

4pm-5pm, Wythe Hotel 

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In 1928 Herbert Hoover promised America “A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.”  What did this mean for poultry in home and restaurant kitchens?  What did mean for the flavor and prevalence of poultry? This panel will look at the evolution of birds.  We’ll explore preparations both classic and modern, the history of breed selection and a return to heritage breeds, the role of wild game and the challenges of sourcing, pricing and distribution.  

Moderator: Erin Fairbanks (Heritage Radio) 

Panelists: Jonathan Waxman (Barbuto), Carolyn Bane (Pies 'n' Thighs), Howard Kalachnikoff (Gramercy Tavern), Catherine Greeley (Heritage Foods USA)


5pm Saturday

At the Intersection of Art and Commerce, Presented by Squarespace

5pm-6pm, Wythe Hotel 

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For centuries, artists have had to negotiate operating in a free market economy. In this talk, Mario Batali will lead chef Wylie Dufresne, musician ?uestlove, and artist Jennifer Rubell in a lively discussion about how they have (or have not) embraced the commerce space in their aesthetic pursuits.

Moderator: Mario Batali (Chef, author, entrepreneur)

Participants: Wylie Dufresne (wd~50, Alder) Jennifer Rubell (Artist), Ahmir ?uestlove Thompson (Musician)


6pm Saturday

Tracking the Brooklyn Food Boom: From Egg Creams and Pizza to Bentowitz Boxes and Artisanal Pickled Beets

6pm-7pm, Wythe Hotel    Click here for tickets

The borough of Brooklyn has always been undeniably tied to its food culture. So how did the pushcart peddlers of the ‘30’s pave the way for the Smorgasburg vendors of today? We investigate with a few of our most visionary restauranteurs and shop owners.

Moderator: Sarah Zorn (Brooklyn Magazine writer & author) with participants: Paulie Gee (Paulie Gee’s), Saul Bolton (Saul), Peter Shelsky (Shelsky's Smoked Fish), Jimmy Kokatas (Tom's Restaurant), Susan Povich (Red Hook Lobster Pound)


7pm Saturday

Keynote: Alessandro Porcelli of Cook It Raw with premiere of The Initiated, Cook it Raw Poland

7pm-8:30pm, Wythe Hotel

 Taste Talks is proud to host the inaugural screening of The Initiated, Cook it Raw Poland, a film by Maciek Kowalczuk.  Following the screening, Alessandro Porcelli will host  a presentation on Cook It Raw 2013 Charleston. We’ll wrap up the keynote with a Q&A, after which we’ll announce the two winners of the Chefs of Raw Talent Search who will participate in Cook It Raw 2013. 

Keynote Speaker: Alessandro Porcelli (Cook It Raw)

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Two Brits, One Kitchen

7pm-11pm, The Elm at King & Grove Hotel

A private dinner with April Bloomfield and Paul Liebrandt at The Elm.

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Taste Talks Yom Kippur dinner, with Traif 

7pm - closing, at Traif

In chef Jason's own words, "The dishes are reflective of some of the ingredients that I've enjoyed with my family over the years for Yom kippur, but certainly Traif'd out. I like the juxtaposition of these two ideas: 1. the obvious, that it's a Traif family Yom Kippur and 2. Tonight, i'm Jewish and so is Traif-- So, it's a little less rebellious and a little more traditional.  It's not kosher, but it's Jewish in the way I was raised."

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8pm Saturday

Taste Talks Opening Night Party!

Celebrate the first evening of Taste Talks with the chefs, panelists and Taste Talks team.

8pm-11pm, Kinfolk Studios, no RSVP necessary



Sunday, September 15

The All-Star Cookout

Click here for tickets

We've paired top chefs from New York City and abroad to collaborate and create an exclusive Taste Talks tasting menu. Ever wondered what April Bloomfield would cook up if she shared a kitchen with Nate Smith of Allswell? Or what sort of dessert the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream truck could create with the help of Dan Barber of Stone Barns? The All-Star Cookout is your chance to sample from a totally unique, collaborative menu that will be available for one day only featuring chefs like Sean Rembold of Reynard, Eli Sussman of Mile End Deli, Dave 1 of Chromeo, the Mast Brothers, and more. 

And, be sure to catch a special live installment of Esquire Network's new underground, head-to-head cooking competition Knife Fight, hosted by celebrated chef Ilan Hall (5pm-7pm, No RSVP necessary).

1pm-3:30pm &  4:30pm-7pm

East River State Park  (Entrance at Kent & North 8th Street)

*The All-Star Cookout is a 21+ event. 


Cook It Raw Brooklyn at Taste Talks

Click here for tickets

Taste Talks is proud to host Cook It Raw Brooklyn at Taste Talks, a collaboration in food hosted by Cook It Raw. We've invited chefs from across North America including Alessandro Porcelli (Cook it Raw),  Roberto Solis (Nectar Restaurant; Merida, Mexico), Scott Vivian (Beast Restaurant; Toronto, Canada),  David Santos (Louro, NYC), Connie DeSousa & John Jackson (Charcut Roast House, Calgary), Vini Campos and Anthony Lombardo (1789, Washington DC) to curate a community dinner at the newly opened Fitzcarraldo in Bushwick's 3rd Ward. Guided by Taste Talks' founding principal— collaboration—these chefs will work together to prepare an impromptu, outdoor meal using locally sourced Brooklyn ingredients and as little electricity as possible, all in matter of six hours. Cook It Raw Brooklyn is available only with the Taste Talks Premium Pass; the Premium Pass will get you into every panel, the Pancake Breakfast, the All-Star Cookout (with Beer & Wine Pairing), and Cook It Raw Brooklyn. 

7pm-12pm , Fitzcarraldo at 3rd Ward